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The Ceremony

If desired Celebrate Entertainment DJ services will provide music and wireless microphones for your ceremony with a smaller, more portable sound system.

The Reception

Before Your Arrival:   Celebrate Entertainment DJ services will be set up well prior to your guests arriving. While your guests are mingling and waiting for your arrival, we will provide them with a variety of listening music. This music will consist of familiar songs of medium energy and will be low enough for normal conversation.

Introductions:   Upon your arrival, Celebrate Entertainment DJ can announce the wedding party by individual names, with the final two being the two newlyweds. This introduction will be accompanied by slow, dramatic music that builds up to the final introduction.

The Special Dances:   During the face-to-face consultation a list of special dances and songs will be decided upon. The special dances can include the Bride and Groom’s First Dance, The Father/Daughter Dance, The Mother/Son Dance, and any additional dances desired.

Icebreakers:   This is the moment that is the most difficult for DJs. How do you get people from the sit down formal meal to partying? Celebrate Entertainment has several different methods of doing this. This is one of the aspects that set us apart from other DJ services and will be discussed during the face-to-face consultation. To include this in the brochure would jeopardize our originality.

Originality:   Celebrate Entertainment has several unique elements that we include during the reception. These unique elements can be divulged during the face-to-face consultation as well.


This is one area where Celebrate Entertainment really shines. If you want to have a party, you have come to the right place. From birthday party’s to corporate office parties, Celebrate Entertainment will “Rock The House”.

Reading the Guests

Do not hire a company who’s DJ is dependent on the crowd to make the party. You see it all the time. The DJ just sits back and plays CD after CD. And the music usually is what the DJ enjoys, not the guests.

Celebrate Entertainment trains their DJ’s to “Read The Guests”. It is important not only for a DJ to know what to play but when to play it. reading the guests is a skill, and not everyone can do it.

Breaking the Ice

Sometimes parties get going on there own. Sometimes they do not. The toughest part about DJ-ing a party is breaking the ice. Most DJ’s will rely on the guests to get the ball rolling. This is a huge risk.  Celebrate Entertainment knows how to break the ice and how to get the party started smoothly.


We recommend Karaoke for any party. There are two reasons for this.  First off, It’s a blast!   Once the first person gets up and sings, you usually cannot stop the flow.  And secondly, it’s only an additional $50!


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