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Brian Smith

“There is a rush that comes with seeing people having so much fun and you are steering the boat.”
– Brian Smith, Owner and Operator






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About the DJ's

Brian Smith

Brian has extensive knowledge of almost every genre of music. He began DJing at the age of 14.  While attending the University of North Texas and working toward a degree in radio broadcasting, Brian took his first professional job at “Rick’s” in Ft. Worth.  He took the two slowest nights and turned them into the busiest nights drawing critical acclaim for his music mix.  Rick's was a small "hole in the wall" nightclub that drew in people from over 50 miles away that would sometimes wait in line for hours to get inside and maybe be able to drink and dance for 45 minutes before closing.  From there Brian worked in several other night clubs with varying music formats, increasing revenue for each business.  Brian is still highly sought after today and has turned down countless offers from Bars and Nightclubs, stating that the bar atmosphere is not conducive to “Christian living” and a healthy family life.  The problem is, he still has the passion for the music and the people.

Country Music

Managed KMIL Radio where he programmed and played country music from the 1950's to current hits.

Hip-Hop & Top 40

Brian can DJ your event like a nightclub (especially unique for the youth).  He can "beat mix" music which is a technique used by most night clubs, making the transition between songs seamless.  *Under no circumstance will Celebrate Entertainment play any music with explicit lyrics.

80’s Music

One of the most fun types of music for Brian to DJ.  He grew up in the eighties and has extensive knowledge in this genre.


Brian operated the lights at a club in Dallas during the Disco comeback of early nineties.  All the while studying the music.

50’s & 60’s

This is a genre that Brian was not tremendously comfortable with until about 2 years ago.  Now, after extensive studying, he is confident enough to host a sock hop, with only 50's and 60's music.


This is what makes Brian so special to any event.  His mix of music is consistently praised by our customers.



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